Diamond burnishing  technology  can drastically improve the surface quality and lifetime of the metal workpieces you manufacture. 

   Diamond burnishing can make economy equal to several thousand usd for a middle size metallworking factory. 


Diamond burnishing is a progressive, high-precision and most  most cost-effective technology for finishing workparts. Scientists and engineers of Sensor Co LTD have brought to perfection the technology of diamond burnishing  known and widely used Worldwide and in the former USSR.  Diamond burnishing tools and nanostructuring burnishing tools  "SENSOR-TOOL" ©  demonstrate the stability of processing, high speed of burnishing and are much more price-affordable than world analogues. All tools are patented in Russia and worldwide, are produced in series and are successfully applied at leading metalworking enterprises in Russia. Sensor Co Ltd - is the most competent manufacturer of diamond burnishing tools in Russia.



Advantages of diamond burnishing tool

Tool and technology advantages


-Burnishing tool replaces 2 production sites - the grinding area and the polishing section.

-Saving on grinding and polishing machines

-Savings on consumables (abrasive)

-Saving on staff - nowadays finding a competent experienced grinder is a very hard task. No need to pay a salary to the grinder.

-No special skills are required from the machine operator.

-Saving machine time = cost savings: on average, time to finish machining parts is reduced by 3-4 times.

-Saving of auxiliary time - it is not necessary to rearrange the part from the machine to the machine, it is not necessary to base the part again ---No additional tooling or other equipment.

- Roller burnishing tool process parts up to HRC 43. Diamond burnishing tools process parts up to 65 HRC. 

-SENSOR-TOOL®   tool meets international standards for surface treatment at a lower price.

-Less defects - burnings are not possible during burnishing.

-Sharply reduced surface waviness as when polishing.

-Much less internal stress. Reduction of defects due to the human factor.

-Fatigue strength increases at least 10 times.

-Wear resistance increases by 40%

-Corrosion resistance 30-40%

-The performance of seals on the ironed surface increases by 2-3 times

-The roughness of the burnished surface is lower than after the process of roller burnishing (polishing using rollers such as Ecoroll, Yamasa)

-During burnishing, stress concentrators are removed and microcracks in the surface are smoothed out, which then develop into deep cracks.

-Environmentally friendly processing - with diamond burnishing, no chips or metal dust remains. The part is clean, there are no fragments of abrasive grains on it, as when grinding.

-Economic benefit - material is not transferred to chips.

-Diamond burnishing - blends in harmoniously with the concept of "Lean Manufacturing, Lin Technology, Kaizen"

-No special coolant is required

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