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Advantages of diamond burnishing tool

Tool and technology advantages


-Burnishing tool replaces 2 production sites - the grinding area and the polishing section.

-Saving on grinding and polishing machines

-Savings on consumables (abrasive)

-Saving on staff - nowadays finding a competent experienced grinder is a very hard task. No need to pay a salary to the grinder.

-No special skills are required from the machine operator.

-Saving machine time = cost savings: on average, time to finish machining parts is reduced by 3-4 times.

-Saving of auxiliary time - it is not necessary to rearrange the part from the machine to the machine, it is not necessary to base the part again ---No additional tooling or other equipment.

- Roller burnishing tool process parts up to HRC 43. Diamond burnishing tools process parts up to 65 HRC. 

-SENSOR-TOOL®   tool meets international standards for surface treatment at a lower price.

-Less defects - burnings are not possible during burnishing.

-Sharply reduced surface waviness as when polishing.

-Much less internal stress. Reduction of defects due to the human factor.

-Fatigue strength increases at least 10 times.

-Wear resistance increases by 40%

-Corrosion resistance 30-40%

-The performance of seals on the ironed surface increases by 2-3 times

-The roughness of the burnished surface is lower than after the process of roller burnishing (polishing using rollers such as Ecoroll, Yamasa)

-During burnishing, stress concentrators are removed and microcracks in the surface are smoothed out, which then develop into deep cracks.

-Environmentally friendly processing - with diamond burnishing, no chips or metal dust remains. The part is clean, there are no fragments of abrasive grains on it, as when grinding.

-Economic benefit - material is not transferred to chips.

-Diamond burnishing - blends in harmoniously with the concept of "Lean Manufacturing, Lin Technology, Kaizen"

-No special coolant is required